Celebrating in Santorini

It’s still freezing outside and I’m in the mood for sun, so here it comes. Maybe you recall my stay in Santorini, if you are a fellow instagramer - my cousin and I wanted to celebrate our birthdays together, since it was only a few weeks apart. So we picked a place we’ve never been to before, where we could just relax and do nothing. Except eat lots of food.

This post is in no way shape or form a great Santorini guide, because I swear, I am the worst travel photographer ever. I get hung up on little details like flowers, animals or shadows on a wall (that could be anywhere really and don’t show any part of the country. I mean when was the last time you said: “Uh, those are beautiful italian shadows!”) and most times I am too lazy to carry my huge camera around anyway.

But it’s my memories and what my heart sees, so it makes sense to me and I love them. This post basically consists of lots of sunset, sunrise and water images, so if you are a goldfish it’s perfect.

We were staying in Firostefani and to be honest, I thought it was the best spot to stay in, not as crowded as Oía or Thira, but chilled and beautiful.

A few things I loved the most were:  The shoemaker of Oía - he owns a little workshop where he makes leather sandals and bags, and they are stunning, super comfortable pieces. I was about to buy the whole shop. The art galleries in Oía are also really interesting, definitely worth strolling through them!

My favorite place was the Atlantis Bookshop in Oía that was founded by 3 former Oxford students I believe, and is so unique and soulful - a place to get lost in. They have old editions of lots of interesting books and I almost died when I saw the first edition of Emily Dickinson’s poems. The walls are full of history, literally - they wrote the shops story on the walls, the people who have worked there - it oozes vision and love from every corner of the little shop. You have to go and see for yourself. I spent more than an hour in there and I only left because my cousin got bored.

I also added another food place to my personal TOP 5 restaurants in the world , and it is in Firostefani. Yes I have a list. So far there are 3 places on there: Kitchen Windows in Jeffrey’s Bay,  Jamie’s Fifteen in London and now the Aktaion in Firostefani. BEST best best greek food ever to touch my mouth.

I wanted to stop writing now, but I almost forgot to mention my favorite experience in Santorini: Sailing! It was the first time I did it, the boat was almost empty and it was beautiful. As we sailed into the sunset, the crew on board started dancing to greek music and I sighed and felt like this was not real life. Like, this doesn’t really happen. But it did. To me. And I’m so thankful for that moment.

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