New York on film

You might have read my feelings about this city in a recent blogpost. Well, of all the places in the world I decided to take it slow in New York and only shoot film! Eddy took a few shots on our digital camera but mostly, our memories from this trip are analog.

I have to be honest and say as much as I enjoy the excitement of shooting film I am having a hard time deciding which shots to take and which to let go. And it frustrates me to not have all the options. It is my digital brain I guess that I cannot turn off. But it is a nice challenge anyway, and I decided not to take it too seriously.

This trip turned out to be a holiday with lots of friends and people close to our hearts. During the stay in NY we were joined by our friends Vik and Natalie. We had the pleasure of also re-uniting with Christine and met her husband Tocha (I will share their little photoshoot later), had lots of yummy food. We met our former clients Mel and Chris for Brunch, had tea with Jean-Laurent and his wonderful Caroline (we owe her the one really breathtaking moment in this city, standing on the rooftop of the 230 Fifth Bar)  went to Hillsong NYC and enjoyed it and also saw lots of places we didn’t like. The areas I probably liked the most were Greenwich and Williamsburg. Maybe because they looked a lot like London ; )

Other than walking past the usual touristy spots we  just floated around the city like driftwood, with no particular destination. Going where the stream would lead us. That is how I travel. I hate to make travel plans. I prefer letting a new place unfold in front of me while I discover it street by street.

These photos are my favorites from the scans that UK Film Lab made for me. When I look at them it seems like this whole thing wasn’t real and happened to someone else. Did I really go there? I feel like I didn’t, because it felt so different from what I expected. But I love the photos. They remind me that I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams: I am traveling the world, meeting old and new friends on the way and working while I do so. What a privilege! This is a piece of New York through my eyes. Hope you like it. 

Also, New York has the biggest squirrels I have ever seen.

Shot on Contax 645 with Kodak Portra 400 & Fuji 400H. Developed & scanned by the brilliant Christian and Erica at UK Film Lab.

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