Photography for ITV documentary ‘Our Jubilee’

Photographing the stills for this project was beyond. Jason asked me to come on board of his documentary ‘Our Jubilee’ that was part of Black History month and I am so grateful to have been a part of this. The film explores the meaning of the Queen’s Jubilee from the point of view of Black British citizens from all different generations.

Being locked in a studio and listen to people’s life stories all day is a dream for me anyway, but the atmosphere on set was incredible. Jason is a great facilitator and space holder for people. It was a joy seeing him at work.

Thank you to Damian, incredible DOP and Remee, the wonderful stylist, and Mina who kept us happy and fed.

There are a total of 5 amazing documentaries in this Fresh Cuts series by ITV, which I highly recommend watching as well.

In September we were all invited to the official screening at the BAFTA which was so exciting and yes I had a total ‘what the hell is happening’ moment (see end of the post). I definitely roamed the halls looking at the wonderful portraits hanging there and visualising the day my work will be hanging in this building as well.


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