I read this thought somewhere that 'we don't really exist until someone sees us.'  It's what we all want, isn't it? To be seen, to belong, to be witnessed. For our life to not go unnoticed. It's why we couple up, have babies, join communities, look for love: we deeply desire a witness to our existence, for someone to say: I see you.

Portraits play a powerful role in that. You won't know until you experience it, but seeing a portrait of yourself can be life-altering. It makes you really look at yourself, where you have avoided to do so. It forces you to let someone else look at you too. It is a courageous act of self-trust and exploration. 
A portrait says: You were here, you existed. You loved and were loved. 
And it's something I want everyone to experience.

You don't need an occasion for this: your life is the occasion. That you made it this far, that you've grown and taken risks, that you've overcome what you thought you couldn't. That you just. want. to. feel. seen. Everything can be a celebration.  Don't wait for a ring, a pregnancy, a new job. We waste so much time waiting for the next thing. You are alive now. You have today. And you are standing on so much to be proud of already. Let's witness that. 

Portraying individuals is truly my life's joy. Making you visible is my strong suit: if you are scared of the camera, worried about posing or think you're too shy for this - I will take all of that off your shoulders. My sessions are easy, fun and unforgettable. 
No matter what kind of session you book, my approach is guided by genuine connection and authentic expression. 

Forget what you think you know about photography, let go and trust the process. Over here we ditch the notion of  what looks 'flattering' , instead we focus on feeling good and entirely like ourselves. You will see who you are in the results and sometimes even see yourself in a new light!

If you want to see yourself, I would love to create something special with you. 


If you want to immerse yourself in a new experience, come this way! Book a long session where we can make your vision come to life. Celebrate yourself, you deserve this.

- 1.5 hr session 
- Mood board creation + location planning 
- bring 2 outfits
- an online gallery of 100 edited images

COST: £649 p.P.

Nadia is as warm, intuitive, kind, present as you would imagine from all that she shares online. She made me feel completely at ease. At no point did I feel like I was being posed or anything was unnatural. The shoot just simply seemed to have flowed, she made it all feel so effortless and allowed me to be myself completely. I love every single image! I looked and felt like completely ME in the photos, all shades of me were there. Vulnerable, laughing, open, a little reserved, present, teary, confident, easeful, joyful- I feel like these are me at my best and me at my most natural. She captured all of me and I cherish the photos so so much. 

Gyan Gurung

I LOVED working with Nadia. She seems to have a natural talent to put her subject at ease and made me feel comfortable and good about myself in front of her camera - which is really not my comfort zone! I cannot recommend her enough!

Anja Poehlmann, Family and Portrait Photographer 

I love working with Nadia! I'm not the most natural in front of a camera but somehow Nadia captures the very best of me. I love to see the results of what she sees through the lens and am always in awe. Book Nadia! You won't be disappointed!

Indie Foolheea, Holistic Ayurvedic Therapist and Yoga teacher 

I have worked with Nadia 4 times now and there is no one else I would have do my photos. I love to celebrate myself through portraiture and Nadia gives me the space to do that. If you want to be witnessed, celebrate a moment in your life or need images for your brand then Nadia is who you want to book in with. Nadia sent me the preview photos from our last shoot together a few days ago and they made me cry because I could really see myself and the life I love. Book her! You won't regret it.

Ami Robertson, Brand Photographer and Coach 


Nadia, I have tears in my eyes! You were right, I am beautiful. Thank you for seeing that and showing it to me! I felt you were special, that's why I wanted YOU to photograph me. You are phenomenally talented! This is me, beautiful, 43, confident and a little weird. I was so afraid that I would hate these portraits, that my ageing would shock and sadden me, but no, I absolutely love them and will treasure them forever.

Marta Ilardo, Wedding Photographer 

Nadia is such a pro. She knows how to make you feel comfortable instantly, have fun, is amazing at giving directives and coming up with unique ideas and creative concepts and the end product is such a profoundly enchanting result. I would book her 100x over.

Vienda Maria, Womens coach, writer, founder of Plannher

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