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Still cannot quite believe I am typing this. But it's true! It happened! I got to speak at Photokina on the Nikon stage, as a Nikon Europe Ambassador.

Returning to the place I went to 8 years ago, when I was trying to be a photographer - as an Ambassador for the camera brand I have been using for years, was very powerful and a bit surreal.

My job consisted of 2 things:

  1. Speaking at the Nikon Press Conference, alongside the Nikon Senior Executives and the amazing Rob Whitworth and David Yarrow. I was interviewed and showed my first impressions using the new mirrorless Nikon Z 7.

  2. On day 1 and 2 of Photokina I spoke to the public, about my work and my favourite Nikon gear, my experience and how I get my shots.

Here's a video of the experience. Featuring some brilliant people. Thank you Nikon for trusting me. I am so excited to be on your side.

Photocredit: Nikon Europe


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