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When booking any service on the client agrees to the following:


The client will adhere to the booked timeframe of the chosen service, on the date which the client selected.

The client will receive an online gallery with all the final edited images to download in high res and agrees for the images to be used as promotion on the Nadia Meli social media and website. 

Each photo shoot is only confirmed with a non-refundable booking fee. The booking fee is transferable to another date for good reason such as bad weather (if we are photographing outside) or sickness or government restrictions. For rescheduling outside of those reasons an additional booking fee of £49.00 will be required. 


The final balance is due the week before the photo shoot.


The client can choose to cancel with no additional fees up to 20 days before their shoot, if they cancel after that time then the full balance will still be due. 

The client understands that by working with the photographer they are choosing the style of the photographer. The style seen in the photographer's portfolio is the style that will be delivered to client and the client understands that by commissioning the photographer that this style will be the final look of their images.

Of course all images are impacted by the environment in which they are taken and during the planning process of the shoot the photographer will advise on locations, lighting, clothing etc in order to best achieve the look and feel the client is looking for for their photos. 

In regards to planning, while the photographer will advise, the client is responsible for contacting and booking venues if required and the same for hair & makeup if that is what the client wishes. The client is also responsible for providing any props for flatlay and lifestyle images if required, again the photographer will advise on these things during the planning process. 

During the shoot the photographer will guide and support the client to achieve the best possible results. 

The photographer is however not responsible for any body issues the client may have about themselves. While the photographer will work in a way to build confidence and use good lighting and compositions they can not be held responsible for any issues around the images regarding the clients specific dislike of wrinkles, weight, body shape, teeth etc. 

The photographers brand and messaging is built around authenticity and the belief that every body is beautiful and the client understands that the photographer does not use photoshop to change the appearance of the client.

Editing such as enhancing the raw files in colour and light will be carried out, as to make the image look the way it did in real life, or removal of temporary spots, but no changes to the permanent features of the client will be made.


The copyright of the images will remain with the photographer. The client has permission for the following use of the images: Promotion of their business on their various platforms to include but not limited to their social media, their own books & e-books, websites, blog and use of the images in the press for PR. 

The client also has permission to overlay text and graphics on the images but editing of the images is not permitted without prior discussion with the photographer. 

The photos may not be given to any other businesses associated with the shoot (for example a venue) for the promotion of their business without prior discussion with the photographer. 

The client gives the photographer permission to use the images for their own marketing across their social media, website and blog. This will be of benefit to the client as the photographer will make sure to tag and mention the client when using the images. The photographer will also do a blog post about the client and the shoot on Nadia Meli website with link backs to the client. 

The client will receive a gallery of 20 images within 48hrs of the photo shoot and the final delivery of the full gallery will be within 2 weeks of the photo shoot. 

The images will be delivered via a private online gallery where the images can be downloaded in high- resolution and web size. The gallery will be available for the client for a full year. The client is responsible to download all images before the year is up and recommends that the client makes their own backups on and offline. 

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