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I love my birthday. If you know me, you know. I love celebrating life. I love getting older. Because what is the alternative? I prefer living to being dead.

There are many birthdays I don't remember at all. There are some I don't want to remember. And then there are some that remain engraved into my memory. I can recall every detail, colour and word. 34 is and will forever be one of those birthdays. Thank you to Lu, who spent it with me, who brought a suitcase full of gifts and balloons, who loved me in a way only few people did. She made this a day I will never forget.

This was the first 'real' holiday I took in ten years. A destination I picked because I wanted to, not because a client needed me to be there. While traveling for work has been a gift and a lot of fun - the shadow side of it was exhaustion and a lot of missing out on my own life while inserting myself into other people's stories. This year, in the midst of grieving my old married life, letting go and starting over, I needed something to look forward to. I needed beauty to calm my spirit.

Morocco is comforting to me, familiar and inspiring. It's full of beauty and magic. A place where I can exhale. I love coming back here. Morocco was self-care. It was a celebration. Of my life, new strength and joy, of divine guidance, a celebration of coming home to myself and finding peace.

All images shot on film, Nikon F80, Kodak Superia film. Developed by Carmencita Lab.

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