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Branding Photographer London With Rav Kumar

Shooting with Rav was a breeze! There is an intersection of portrait and brand photography, and I love when I can combine the two because clients want mood-focused images for their brand, not just glossy laptop shots. Rav had not one, but two whole mood boards: one for the portraits he liked and one for outfit choices. He was so excited and engaged in the process of finding a venue and getting ready for the day - and when it came to the actual photoshoot, he let go and trusted me completely. The definition of a dream client! Prepare and then let go and trust.

I love the results we got together! Big thanks to his wife (and also client of mine!) Indie, who helped with styling and the laughs. You can see here how Rav used them in his rebrand. I am obsessed with his new website and to see the vision come alive from concept to execution.


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