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London Couple Photographer with Lu + Alex

I photographed Lu and Alex's elopement in South Africa in 2017 (sorry, photos are no longer public since I don't do anymore weddings) and since then, we have met again a few times: in Brighton, in London, and once again they came back to London at the end of summer and booked in a couple shoot with me. We strolled around Victoria Park in Hackney and Broadway market and made some new memories, had a hot chocolate, talked about where life has taken us, laughed and also cried a little. What I find lovely when working with the same people more than once over the years is that every photoshoot is unique. You can trace back the feeling of the moment in the images. You can see the imprint of that season of your life. You can remember 'that day I felt like this' and 'this photoshoot was different than the other one because we were different". Photos are a beautiful roadmap of life. It's not always the same high. Sometimes photoshoots capture something different than face opening joy. Sometimes it's all smiles, sometimes it's something heavier. That's why doing this frequently, in different seasons of life is so precious. A witness to your changing seasons. Thank you Lu and Alex. Love you guys.


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