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Thrilled that Vienda chose Silverspace Studios for her Portrait session, since it's a firm favourite of mine. I should probably move in at this point because many of my clients love it too. If you want to see a selection of my favourite studios in London you can find it here. All of my portrait sessions have a natural flow to them, but working with friends adds just an extra layer of ease. This was the second time I have photographed Vienda. We have been friends for years, so working together is very natural, easy and fun.

Woman with brown hair sitting on a black leather chair wearing blue jeans

Woman dancing with her eyes closed

Woman in a photostudio laughing while sitting on a couch

Girl sitting on a black leather chair in a photostudio in London twisting her hair and laughing

Woman sitting on a couch in a London Photostudio smiling at the camera

woman wearing a cosy white jumper while being photographed

Woman wearing blue jeans and a white jumper smiling at the camera

Woman looking sad portrait

Woman tying her hair back in a blue jumper

Woman sitting in a black leather chair smiling

Woman looking thoughtful sitting on a beige couch in a studio

Woman laughing into a cosy blue jumper

Woman sitting on a black leather chair enjoying the sunshine on her face

Motion blur portrait photography

Woman resting on a black leather chair being barefoot

Woman holding her head in a dramatic portrait

Woman wearing a white cosy jumper and blue jeans posing in a photostudio

Laughing woman in a skirt sitting on a couch

Woman enjoying the sunshine with her eyes closed while wearing a blue jumper
Woman dancing slowly wearing a blue jumper


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