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The best Photo Studios in London (in my opinion)

I have been living in London for almost two years (I can’t believe I’ve survived here) and have shot in a few lovely spaces both indoors and outdoors during this time.

So I thought it would be a great idea to do a roundup of some of my favourite photo studios I have discovered and frequently shoot in! Since leaving wedding photography to solely focus on portrait photography, I have come to love working indoors more and more! I am surprising myself with the amount of times I prefer shooting in a studio vs. being outside. These are some of my favourite spaces in London that are affordable, friendly and beautiful. If you are a portrait, commercial, or fashion photographer, I hope these recommendations help you!

Dehav Studios is located in Clapton, very close to Clapton Overground station. I love it not only because it’s only a 15 minute walk from my house - Dehav is a great lifestyle space and the owner, Helen, is really helpful and kind. Dehav is a stunning New york style loft, big and bright and with beautiful furniture. It’s very much a lifestyle space, so there are no photography backgrounds or equipment for hire. But if you want a beautiful living space as your backdrop or even just a simple wall, this is the right place for you. Their kitchen area can also be used for photoshoots.

On a side note, if you’re shooting at Dehav, you should pop in to the Dialogue Cafe close by, they have yummy food and great staff.

This is a fairly new photo studio in the Docklands and it’s gorgeous! They have 3 different studios, one of which has an infinity cove. My favourite and pictured below is their Lifestyle studio, which is very popular with content creators. Some equipment is also included, which is a plus!

The team has always been very friendly and forthcoming whenever I hosted my mini studio sessions in there, and I can’t recommend them enough. The interior design is tasteful, modern and looks so flattering in photos.

You also have full privacy during the photoshoot, which isn’t the case in some places, where the owners or studio managers hang around in the background to watch. For some clients, who are not professional models, that can be quite daunting. But this is not the case at Silverspace Studios.

The easiest way to get there is on the DLR and getting off at West Silvertown. It’s a little walk from the station but you cannot miss the huge letters that say SILVER at the front entrance.

They also have a cafe in the lobby where you can buy drinks and food.

This studio is a real gem located in Notting Hill! It’s a very small space but perfect if all you need is a wall for portraits! It has gorgeous natural light thanks to a big skylight and all equipment and photography backdrops are included in the booking (check out their website for details). The best thing about Pure Light Studio is that they let you book by the hour, which pretty much no other studio allows or accommodates. There is no minimum booking, you can just come for an hour and be done. Of course if you are a portrait photographer, this is heaven-sent! An hour is usually all you need.

Because of the one-hour policy, you have to make sure to be there on time; if there is a booking right after you, they can’t give you leeway for delays!

Sunset Studios are just a short walk from Peckham Rye station and they are a great find! I love working here. The Studios are a part of the Bussey building, a creative hub where you can discover anything from local art to boujiee coffee. The team is very friendly and accommodating. The three studios are really bright and industrial looking. I found them perfect for my photoshoots.

The minimum booking time is 4 hours for all of their studios, but to be fair, it’s very affordable for a 4-hour window so I don’t mind it, even if I never use up the whole time. At least it means that I don’t have to rush me or my clients.

This is a great option for both small shoots and bigger productions.

I discovered this photo studio just a couple of months ago. It’s located in Whitechapel and about 5 minutes away from the Tube station. The space is gorgeous, with good natural light coming from a skylight, very high ceilings and a beautiful textured wall. They have a minimum booking of 2 hours, so it’s great for portrait sessions. It’s a very simple space and great if you want to work with a clean canvas but want a little bit of interest in the background.

There is also some equipment, backdrops and a few furniture pieces as well if you need them.

Shannon Studios is a gorgeous space for portraits, commercial and beauty and fashion photography. It has huge ceilings and a very concrete, industrial look. The lighting equipment is included and you have to pay a fee for the use of backdrops. The minimum booking time is 2 hours during weekdays.

I really like the natural light in the space and that there are seating options for crew members. We had a four-person team at this shoot and everyone was comfortable in the same room. There’s also a cafe in the same building which helps with keeping up everyones spirit.

The studio is located in The Archives building which hosts different businesses and a co-working space. It’s a short walk from Tottenham Hale station and it can be a little tricky to find because it’s right next to some train tracks. But if you feel like you’re lost, keep going, it means you’re probably on the right path!

If you’d like to have your portrait taken in one of these spaces - or anywhere else - get in touch and let’s plan something!


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