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It is incredibly special to stand in an artists studio. I will never get tired of it. There is something so awe inspiring about it. The feeling that overcomes you is big and overwhelming in the best way. I keep thinking about the word 'creator'. How it is used nowadays, we have so many content creators and a video on how to put on an outfit is seen as 'creation'. But when I am in the presence of a painter, a potterer, a sculptor, a musician - that word becomes so real. It makes me feel like this is creation. Making something out of nothing. Standing in between those creations makes me emotional. When Sana booked me and told me her story, I felt an immediate connection. We are the same age and we resonated with each other. Different journeys, same feelings. Just a week before her photoshoot she got the keys to a studio space and when she showed me the light in this place, it was a no brainer to have the photoshoot there. It was magical. The sun really favoured us that day. And we made some of my favourite images ever.


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