1. Portrait Photography with Claire White

    Loved this beautiful co-creation with Claire. These were two different shoots but they belong together. Claire got in touch to create a series about each of the elements and her connection to them. So you’ll see more of her here.  

  2. Brand Photos in London for Maria Miller

    Maria needed branding shots for her business Avant Miller Consulting - but not the boring background, traditional photos you think of when you think ‘business headshots’. She wanted something alive, fresh, approachable and modern. A variety of images she could use across her socials and peppered around her website. I…

  3. Portraits for Seigfried Collective

    I took these portraits for Pedro while we were both still living in Brighton. He is the talented visionary behind the label Seigfried Collective, a great DJ, connecter and creative.  

  4. Portraits of Molly

    And a little bit of her cat too.

  5. Portrait Photography in Brighton with Priscilla

    Quick shoot with Priscilla in my home. We had such beautiful light for this and only twenty minutes and I couldn’t love the results more Thank you for trusting me and giving me free rein on creating something soft and simple. // Shot on the Nikon Z7, 24-70 mm +…

  6. Portraits of Becca

    I had the honour of photographing Becca many times. She is my muse, I never get tired of having her in front of my lens, and something about her inspires my creativity every time. We took these photos at Silo in Brighton, at The Ginger Pig and in my home…

  7. Home portraits with Vienda Maria

    When you can work with friends, I say do it! Thank you Vienda! We shot these on a beautiful summer evening in Brighton after the first lockdown in 2020, tentatively going back to life.

  8. Author Portraits in London with Laura Jane Williams

    It was a joy to work with Laura Jane Williams again, this time on the new headshot for her latest book, ‘The Love Square”. We were lucky to have the upper floor of The Hoxton Hotel in Southwark all to ourselves. The Seabird Restaurant doesn’t just have great views, but…

  9. 34 in Morocco

    I love my birthday. If you know me, you know. I love celebrating life. I love getting older. Because what is the alternative? I prefer living to being dead There are many birthdays I don’t remember at all. There are some I don’t want to remember. And then there are…

  10. Photokina with Nikon

    I got to speak at Photokina 2018 on the Nikon stage, as a Nikon Europe Ambassador Returning to the place I went to 8 years ago, when I was trying to be a photographer - as an Ambassador for the camera brand I have been using for years, was very…

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