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What is it like to work with me? If you haven't had the pleasure yet, let me take you through the journey of connection and creativity that awaits when you step into my world. It's a world of eclectic musical taste, a lot of laughter and potentially beyond-the-surface conversation all wrapped in a photoshoot. From start to finish, this is what it looks like when you work with me. Whether we are doing your portrait photographs in London or somewhere else you're flying me out to:

Working with me is a simple process; I like to keep things as easy as possible for both you and me - but it's a deeply personal one.

Congratulations, you jumped the fence!

So you booked your portrait session, what happens next? First of all: congratulations! You're about to embark on a unique experience and it might be completely different from what you expect a photoshoot to be like! Portrait Photography is an act of self love in a society that profits from self hate. Which means you are participating in something revolutionary, and that's no small feat. Having your photo taken involves a natural curiosity, desire to explore and confront yourself, it involves a lot of play and willingness to create a human connection between the two of us. Which makes you one of the brave ones! Every interaction is an energy exchange that resonates long after the photoshoot, so I take it very seriously and I want you to feel heard, held and celebrated during the process.

Woman with black hair and red lipstick holding a Nikon camera laughing at the camera


We'll start by delving into your vision for the photoshoot. How do you see yourself, and how do you want to be seen by others? What will you use the images for? What is happening in your life right now that you would like to translate in a visual way? More often than not clients are not really sure what they want or need and getting clear on that is the first step towards a successful photoshoot. This journey begins with the creation of some type of mood board - visual or with words: I'll encourage you to put together something that allows your ideas to take shape and that will guide us in bringing your vision to life.

This step is crucial because I want your photoshoot to authentically represent YOU. I am not a conceptual photographer, I don't impose my vision onto clients, or build a set around them that reflects me - it's about them! I believe in co-creating an experience where your desires and ideas take center stage. You should be able to recognise yourself in the results. Every image on my website, except for a couple of photoshoots, reflects the personal visions of my clients, not my own artistic concept. For example, I will never ask anyone to take their clothes off for the camera, if that is not specifically what they wanted when they showed me their mood board. Anyone you see naked on my website is naked because they wanted to be. The vision is always led by you. The person in front of my camera is not my 'subject' and I don't call people that.

I encourage you to express your ideas, to explore who you are before the photoshoot (don't worry if that's a bit messy and unclear), so that together, we can craft a shoot that authentically represents who you are at this moment in time.

Two different examples of mood boards that clients of mine made. One digitally on Pinterest, another client made theirs on paper and sent me a picture of it. I love both! It doesn't matter how you do it, as long as you do.

Photography moodboard in Pinterest

A photography moodboard from magazines


The mood board is also important because it will guide the selection of a location, the season and time of day of your photoshoot. If your mood board is full of images in a dark and moody jazz club or golden sunset vibes at the beach or nothing but a stripped back, simple background - it will help us find the perfect spot for your photos. Whether it's outdoors in the streets of the city, a great hotel lobby or a cool studio space, I will send you suggestions of places and studio spaces you can book that fit into the style vibe of your vision and ideas.  I know many incredible studios we can shoot in and constantly expand my repertoire that is my little secret ;) We won't be lacking options, that's for sure!

I also regularly shoot in client's homes if they have a space that lends itself to it! Recently, I did a portrait session in a pub because the client loved her local pub so much. Anything is possible.

Kara had her portrait shoot in her London home

Woman sitting in her green eclectic living room wearing a black suit and red lipstick looking at the camera


This is a big head scratcher for a lot of my clients! I get it though. You want to look and feel amazing and I would be lying if I said that your outfit doesn't affect the way you feel and the result of your photoshoot. However - over the years I have adopted a more laid-back approach to photoshoot outfits, both for my clients and when I have my own photos taken (I have worn the same outfit for my last three shoots haha). Simplicity is key. This process is meant to be as stress-free and fun as possible. My advice is to not overcomplicate your outfit choices. Unless you are someone completely obsessed with fashion and have a huge wardrobe at home - don't overthink it! Straddle the line between being comfortable and wearing something that you know works well - and trying something new or a wildcard that you've maybe always wanted to wear but never did: a photoshoot is the perfect occasion to cross that line a little!

You can bring two outfits to your photoshoot and items that we can mix and match, experiment with - have fun with it if you want to. The same goes for hair and makeup: if you've always wanted to go big and bold - why not do it for your photos! And if you feel more comfortable in your everyday look, moreso, if you feel like you want and need images of you completely natural and not made up: go for it! Anything goes and anything is right. There is no wrong. I had clients hire stylists for their photoshoot who helped them source outfits and I had clients who showed up in just one outfit that they wore for the entire session and both results were equally gorgeous. As long as you feel comfortable, show up however you want and don't overthink this step too much.

Black woman with braids wearing a blue dress and a big gold ring laughing at the camera


Once the mood board is finalised and the venue is decided on, all you have to do is show up, and I'll take care of the rest!

The actual photoshoot—this is where the magic unfolds. As a firm believer in the power of human connection, and with 14 years of experience under my belt I know that every photoshoot is a collaborative dance between photographer and client.

This is the moment where the vision on paper and reality - human connection - come together. When the two align, it can be an absolutely magical creative experience! (If you have done it before, you know!) I am always early because I have a german brain and I like starting on time. We will have a look at your outfits - if you have brought more than one - have a little chit chat, your hair and makeup stylist might be still in the room too, once we decide on outfit number one, it's go time!

I usually put on music to start the creative flow. We can have my random playlist in the background (although apparently there are people who are not into Disney songs?!) or your own favourite tunes! My approach to photography often involves a lot of movement, even when you're sitting down. I don't pose people down to the little finger, instead there is a lot of free flowing in where you put your hands, how you sit and move your head etc. The shutter sound is off and I shoot by looking at the screen of my camera, not the viewfinder. That way we always have eye contact, and can stay connected. I will continuously keep you engaged in conversation while you don't even realise when I am taking photos because you don't hear the shutter. This is where the energy between us is so important: with the build up of our connection, the images become something alive, something breathing and genuine - not a deer-caught-in-the-headlights - photo that makes you feel uncomfortable just by looking at it. Can you see the ease in my clients faces all over my website? There is no awkwardness. This is how that happens.

Man in a black beanie and a green coat smiling

Your mood board is a frame work for the mood - it's not a posing guide we will use at the actual photoshoot. My inspiration comes from people - not from magazines, Pinterest, Instagram or other photographers. It comes from you. The person I am working with. I am inspired by your energy, your laugh, the things you tell me, the way your nose crinkles or how you look pensive when I ask you something. I am inspired endlessly by the people I meet, everyone a beautiful soul with fears, hopes and views I might have never heard before. That is all I need for the photoshoot: You. To show up with an open heart, unguarded, ready to receive and to give. I promise, I am showing up the same way. The combination of the two - that is where the special sauce is.


If you feel nervous, know that you are not special, I mean this in the nicest way possible. Almost everyone feels like that at their photoshoot! It's really absolutely normal, there is nothing wrong with you and feeling nervous should not be a reason to not book a shoot. Being witnessed through a camera is a vulnerable thing. First, you have to allow someone else to look at you and then you have to look at yourself. Both require a lot of courage. We can avoid that in our day to day life but at a photoshoot it's so obvious, so in your face - that is literally the whole point of a photoshoot - to be seen and see yourself - that we can't run away from it, like we can in the bustle of life.

If you are not used to that vulnerability, it's absolutely ok to feel a bit scared! As all of my clients can tell you (see below), that fear will evaporate pretty quickly! You might move through different emotions during your photoshoot: a blend of excitement, fear, fun and joy, insecurity, confidence, feeling super high - all of these and more are welcome and completely normal.

If it's your first time being photographed, or the first time by a new photographer you haven't worked with before, it's fine to be scared! The more often you have your photos taken the more fun you will have each time. And you will also realise how every shoot is different, even working with the same person. There are so many things that influence a photoshoot: your mood, the location, how you slept that night, what you are going through in life and much more. Every photoshoot has its own flavour and yours will be no different! I suggest to roll with it and embrace however that particular day feels.

Black and white photo of a man with curly black hair looking at the camera holding his face in his hands


You did it! Big up yourself! And you probably left your photoshoot on a high! About two days after your shoot I will send you some previews inside a beautiful digital gallery. This will give you a taste of what's to come and bridge the wait until I have finished editing your amazing session.

The full gallery of your images (the amount varies depending on what you book) will be ready no later than 4 weeks after your photoshoot. And finally, when the day comes, brace yourself, because anything is possible. And I mean anything: You might love your gallery and be totally ecstatic. Or you might hate it at first. Some clients have a strong reaction when seeing their photos for the first time. You see yourself like nobody else does: the first thing you might see are all the things you don't like about yourself. We all do this! Remember how people who love you look at you? Slowly your own gaze on yourself will change, the more you look at yourself. Of course there's a whole spectrum between love and hate. The most normal reaction is that you will love some photos and some you won't. That happens for most of us. And when you look through them a month or a year later, some images that you completely ignored the first time, suddenly will catch your eye and you will love them! You change and grow constantly. Your view of yourself changes with you.

A blond woman with blue eyes looking at the sun outside a window in London

This is how I guide you through the process from my perspective! Now read it from my clients perspective: check out their testimonials here!

Working with me is more than just a quick photoshoot - it's a journey of self-expression and connection. I invite you to experience it for yourself, get a bit uncomfortable and gift yourself something unique. The gift of being seen. The gift of seeing yourself. Reach out and say hi or go straight here if you're ready. See you soon!


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